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2 lb bags of Spike’s Delite Ultra for $20

This is an excellent food for hedgehogs and I highly recommend you purchase this food when you pickup your hedgie from me.  2 lbs for $20 ($21.40 after taxes)

 Supplies for sale!

hedgehog sacks 006 snuggle sacks for sale

Hedgehog snuggle sacks, $10 each ($10.70 after taxes)

Our snuggle sacks have an inner layer of super warm, cozy fleece and an outer layer of cotton with a cute print. Sacks are pre-washed! I can’t guarantee the availability of any sack pattern. Different patterns on hand at different times.


plast bin cage setupCage set. It is made from a 106 quart Sterilite plastic tub measures, 17″ x 31″, modified to hold a water bottle from the outside (only the spout inside) and with a fresh air, wire lid. This kit includes an igloo house, food bowl, water bottle, corner litter pan and a litter scoop. These cages are often underestimated. They are pretty big, these are the largest plastic tubs and are the same size as large guinea pig cages. Special order, need to know at least a day in advance if interested in this set. $65 ($69.55 after taxes)