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 I feed and recommend Spike’s Delite Ultra (or the Ultra Plus). It is made by Pet-Pro Products in Middletown, Missouri.

They currently produce several adult hedgehog diets, I feed the Spike’s Delite Ultra and suggest this one over the rest.

Spike’s Delite Ultra has a protein content of 35% and a fat content of 12% (perfect amount for hedgies)

It contains chelated minerals which allows the minerals to be more readily absorbed.

It has no added preservatives so I like to suggest storing it in your refrigerator.

Spike’s Delite is not found in pet stores. 

You can order directly from Pet-Pro and will receive a 10% discount when you mention my name, Rebekah Scarola at Briar Patch Hedgehogs. 

The toll free number for Pet-Pro Products is 877-977-8310

You can also visit their website at www.pet-pro.com

Below are examples of what NOT to feed your hedgehog…in fact some of these things have even caused hedgehogs to choke to death. If you feed any of these foods or treats, my health guarantee and contract is immediately voided! There are more “hedgehog” foods on the market and you should avoid them too. If you find more pictures of food products that can be added to my wall of shame, send them my way so I can decorate them with a pretty red X. 🙂

I also use high quality kitten food in my kibble mix, but this is only to increase the fat content for my babies as well as my pregnant and nursing moms!